Architectural Element 1: Entrance

Architectural Element 1: Entrance

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عنوان کتاب: Architectural Element 1: Entrance

کد کتاب: ۱۴

دسته بندی: معماری

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 کتاب Architectural Element 1: Entrance انواع معماری مدرن و کلاسیک از سراسر جهان را در بر می گیرد.
علاوه بر این ،این کتاب شامل ۱۵ مصاحبه تیمی است تا نگاهی عمیق تر به عناصر معماری ارائه دهد.
این کتاب نوعی از معماری را بیان می کند که اغلب در ساختمانها استفاده می شود و صرفاً تنها چشم نواز نیستند. امیدواریم که این کتاب برای شما فرصتی فراهم آورد تا به ژرفای عناصر فکر کنید و در مورد آنچه که یک طراحی خوب را برای کاربران آسان می کند به نتایجی خوبی برسید.


Architectural Element 1: Entrance

Design is not a moment. All designs are created by needs and evolved with culture. Even the same element is the reason that its shape and size are different. The same is true of design elements within an architecture. Cultural preferences, technological advances, wider world markets, country-specific climate, political factors, and legal regulations all influence architects and architecture.

The Architectural Element Series, designed by Damdi, is an architect When designing architectural elements, the project is designed to help you understand at a glance what is your primary focus, what unique design codes are used in each country, and which design patterns have been used for a long time.

The book covers a variety of modern and classic cases from around the world. In addition, 15 team interviews have been included to provide a more in-depth look at the elements of the architecture.

This book is about architecture that is often used in buildings rather than simply eye-candy. I hope this gives you a chance to think deeply about the elements and think about what makes a good design easier for users.


توجه! : قیمت تمامی کتب خارجی با نرخ روز ارز محاسبه می گردد.

تلفن: ۸- ۸۸۱۰۱۳۵۶- ۰۲۱

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