School Building : Key Issues for Contemporary Design

School Building : Key Issues for Contemporary Design

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عنوان کتاب: School Building: Key Issues for Contemporary Design

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در کتاب School Building: Key Issues for Contemporary Design در ده فصل پارامترهای اصلی معماری در ساختمان های مدرسه را توضیح می دهد.
نقش مدرسه در اجتماع یا محله، سؤالات پایداری، فضاهای انعطاف پذیر برای یادگیری، مبلمان مناسب، فرآیندهای مشارکت در طراحی،
طراحی چشم انداز مطالبی هستند که در این کتاب به آنها پاسخ داده می شود.


For some time now, school buildings have represented an important field in architecture, and there is an enduring interest in the challenges this design task presents.

This publication explains in ten chapters the central parameters for this architectural typology: the role of the school in the community or neighborhood, questions of sustainability, flexible spaces for learning, suitable furniture, processes of participation in the design, learning outside of the classroom, landscape design, the opportunities in and challenges for special schools, schools in the urban fabric, and the role of new pedagogical concepts. Each theme is illuminated from a variety of cultural perspectives and illustrated with numerous realized buildings as model solutions for the given aspect. A guest commentary by an architect experienced in designing school buildings concludes each chapter.


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