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کتاب Stations شامل ۷۰ پروژه بین المللی از نوعی معماری که امروزه در ایستگاه های حمل و نقل رواج پیدا کرده است.
این پروژه ها هم شامل ایستگاه هایی که مسافرانی در مسافت طولانی جابجا می کنند و هم شامل ایستگاههای حمل و نقل محلی و عمومی است.


Serving as gateways to the cities, train stations were the most important urban building developments at the turn of the 20th century. One century later this building mission is experiencing a fascinating renaissance. On a worldwide basis new facilities are emerging that need to fulfill various functions – very often they have to serve as shopping malls. However, even small stations for regional trains, subways and trams belong to the past, if they are purpose-built only. They also have an important influence on the urban identity. Just like the larger facilities, they have to be able to develop in a confined space and in a historically often densely built-up environment. 70 international projects were chosen to present current station architecture both in terms of long distance traffic as well as local transportation structures, including underground systems.



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