Thomas FeichtnerDesign Unplugged (English and German Edition)

Thomas FeichtnerDesign Unplugged (English and German Edition)

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عنوان کتاب:  Thomas FeichtnerDesign Unplugged (English and German Edition)

کد کتاب: ۴۷

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قیمت: ۳۰ یورو

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The book Design Unplugged makes it clear that the analog hand-drawn sketch as a form of representation in the digital age has long since become obsolete and has found a new quality. Thomas Feichtner, an internationally established designer based in Vienna, rediscovered sketching as a central element of his design process. Sketches like memo notes: vague, unadulterated and unfiltered. Over the years, designs have been created that are linked together by the pencil sketch as a visual bracket. His book contains no illustrations of finished work in the field of furniture and product design, but only shows pencil sketches, some of them unpublished, that preceded the products. They give an authentic insight into the daily work of the successful product designer. Design, not with the full orchestration of all digital possibilities, but “unplugged” – reduced to pencil and paper. Design Unplugged shows a personal access to design that the products alone do not reveal. 

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تلفن: ۸- ۸۸۱۰۱۳۵۶- ۰۲۱

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